World flavours are really taking off in BBQ and with the right selection of herbs and spices, chefs and operators can create faraway foods in a flash. BBQ seasonings and sauces have really evolved and consumers are looking for something unusual, exotic and spicier.

We offer offers a range of spice blends from around the world for BBQ foods under our Lähde brand – all are suitable for meat, fish, vegetable as well as seitan, tempeh, jackfruit and contemporary meat-free alternatives. Here our joint-managing director, Tasneem Alonzo, shares insights on Korean, American regional, Brazilian, Greek and Levantine BBQ trends – as well as fusion BBQ foods.


Korean cuisine is gaining traction and the well-known BBQ style, known locally as gogi-gui, is a popular concept for groups to cook and share at the table. Ingredients in separate bowls are brought to the table for the group to prepare over a griddle or hot plate set in the middle of the table. There’s no need to worry about the weather for this cuisine as all the cooking is done at the table for diners to get interactive. New K-BBQ foodie vocabulary entering the mainstream includes words such as bulgogi (thin slices of marinated sirloin), galbi (short rib), buldak (marinated spicy-sweet chicken) banchan (the vegetables and sides), and gochuang (red chilli paste).

Our Lähde Korean BBQ seasoning is a unique blend of Korean chillies and spices for pork and chicken, fish, and meat alternative dishes and is available in varying heat levels from mild to extra hot.


American regional BBQ marinades and seasonings are growing in popularity – distinctive flavours from the deep south, mid west south eastern states are proving popular for grill and BBQ style dishes and for sharing foods. There is a definite interest in regional specialities from different parts of the USA, especially Louisiana, Texas, California and Kansas.

American-style BBQ blends have multiple uses and can be used on meat, fish, vegetables and meat-alternatives. Our American BBQ rub can be used in hamburgers or coated onto a kebab. Herb and spice blends are also ideal for use with meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan foods, particularly for informal sharing foods, platters and outdoor BBQs.

Our USA Season All combines celery seed with mustard, bay leaf, pepper and ginger. It is a multi-use mix and works well with fish and seafood, as well as grilled chicken, ribs and vegetables, stews and soups, potato fries, wedges and skins. It’s a versatile blend that chefs can incorporate into a whole host of dishes to bring an American twist to BBQs.


Bringing traditional South American flavours to British BBQs, our Brazilian style churrasco seasoning contains a blend of red bell peppers, black pepper, tomato, onion, garlic and bay leaf, and works particularly well in grilled chicken dishes. Tempero baiano is another Brazilian spice blend in our portfolio which works well with chicken, fish, vegetable, bringing strong, distinctive flavours with a spicy kick.


For a taste of Greece, we offer several spice blends under our Lähde brand for BBQ foods. Greek beef souvlaki skewers, chicken gyros, marinated pork chops, lamb koftas, and vegetable skewers are all familiar foods and go down well with accompaniments such as tzatziki, pita breads, lemon and Greek salad. Not forgetting fish, EHL’s Greek herb blend pairs perfectly with white fish for lighter, fragrant skewers.


Consumers are also enjoying Levantine foods, often combining fruit with meat for fragrant, aromatic BBQ skewers. Think lamb and apricot, harissa chicken, tahini lamb chops, spiced beef koftas, as well as grilled aubergine and courgette skewers – and spice blends such as baharat, za’atar and sumac. Bata harra is a Lebanese seasoning used to create a spicy potato dish – perfect as a Levantine side dish.


Multi-ethnic BBQ

With so many British households, families, and friendship groups coming from diverse countries and cultures, we’re seeing a real melting pot of fusion foods emerge, and BBQ is a great opportunity to experiment with blending cuisines from different countries. Think chicken tikka tacos, sriracha hot dogs, Thai green chicken wings, harissa beef patties, pulled pork with pomegranate molasses, spicy grilled pineapple – fun fusions of multiple cuisines in one dish. There’s real potential here and clear opportunity for chefs and operators to really get creative on the grill.

Embrace free-from

It’s important to consider free-from, plant-based, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free BBQ options to suit modern consumer lifestyle choices and health conditions. Free-from dining is an area we expect to surge in popularity in the dining out sector this year. Huge strides have been made in the flavours, textures and visual appeal of meat-free burgers, kebabs, sausages, and falafel, with creative uses of cauliflower steak, halloumi, and mushrooms as chefs and caterers create innovative, flavourful foods for those cutting down on meat or adopting a full plant-based diet.

In summary

In an increasingly competitive hospitality marketplace, with consumers more discerning, health-conscious and planet-conscious than ever before, caterers and chefs need to invest in a quality selection of ingredients, including dried herbs and spices, to ensure they are offering innovative flavours that match current demand and are suitable for more adventurous BBQ dishes.

Our versatile blends and seasonings add flavour, are easy to store and use, and open the door to creativity and new product development to allow chefs, caterers and operators to create great-tasting dishes to tap into today’s global BBQ trends.

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