We have launched six new Mexican chillies for the hospitality sector

Flavour-filled, fresh, colourful and health friendly, Mexican food is riding a wave on the British food scene, and we are joining in the fiesta with the launch of six new Mexican chillies under our Lähde brand for the hospitality, foodservice, catering and street food sectors.

Our team has sourced and added to our portfolio six distinctive regional chillies – Pasilla from Oaxaca, chilli de arbol (bird’s beak chilli), Pequin from Tabasco, Mulato, and New Mexico Red chillies – all sourced directly from trusted producer partners across Mexico.

All are available in dried whole or ground powder format and bring unique flavours to Mexican spice blends, allowing chefs and caterers to create their own signature flavours and heat strengths. They can be added to adobo and barbacoa seasonings, birria, mole sauce, albondigas, tacos, as well as to eggs and breakfast dishes, soups, stews, slaws, wraps and spicy snacks.

We also supply well-known chillies including ancho, chipotle, jalapeño, habanero and guajillo, as well as authentic seasonings for firm favourites such as fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, chimichangas, nachos, quesadillas, chilli con carne,

Tasneem Alonzo, joint managing director, Lähde brand by EHL Ingredients says: “We have experienced an increase in demand for specific Mexican chillies for various different Mexican foods in the hospitality sector, so our team set about sourcing and procuring the highest quality products for these six new chillies. We know Mexican food is experiencing a resurgence, due to its versatility for those looking for fresh, healthy, inexpensive, meat-free foods.

“Tacos, for example, have burst onto the UK food scene, both as street food / hand-held foods and in high end restaurants. They’re sociable, versatile, and can be customised to the diner’s preferences and are packed with fresh vegetables, beans, proteins and crunchy salads.

“As a street food concept, they’re really flying, and hospitality venues would be wise to add them to menus, especially in the run up to summer as they’re a brilliant sharing food option for outdoor dining, sports viewings, and beer gardens. They can be as healthy as you like – as they’re made with fresh ingredients and can be easily created in a meat-free or plant-based format.

“Brits’ love of Mexican foods and flavours extends to the breakfast table too, for egg-based dishes or breakfasts and brunches. These are ideal for sharing, tapping into today’s grazing culture and the trend for bottomless brunches. Huevos Rancheros is a stand out dish, packed with colours, flavours and spices, composed of eggs, beans, cheese, sometimes meat, covered in tomato-based sauce or warmed salsa, served on a tortilla.

“Breakfast burritos are another twist on a Mexican classic, and can be mixed and matched depending on customer preferences. These can present a creative alternative to a full English on toast, as they can be created with scrambled eggs, beans, bacon, tomatoes, sausage all in a warmed wheat or corn tortilla wrap – and can be offered in meat-free or vegetarian format with eggs, peppers, avocado, potatoes and soured cream.

“Our six new chillies will allow chefs and caterers to create authentic Mexican dishes such as these, packed with nutrients with an eye on freshness and authenticity, to suit modern eating habits, preferences and desire for customisation.

“Ancho, Mulato and Pasilla are referred to as the holy trinity of dried chilies and now we can supply all three and more in individual format or ground and blended to create Mexican dishes diners will love, enjoy and come back for more.

The six new chillies are available now to caterers, chefs, venues, street food vendors and markets under the Lähde brand. All are highly versatile for use on meat, fish and seafood, vegetable and plant-based foods, and they are available in vegan, non-allergen, and organic formats.

To find out more about the full Lähde range, contact our team on info@ehl-ingredients.co.uk or call 0161 480 7902.