EHL Ingredients fires up two new Mexican blends

EHL Ingredients, a leading importer, supplier and blender of quality ingredients, has added two new Mexican spice blends to its portfolio, tapping into the burgeoning market for the Central American cuisine.

The first is Fiery Mexican marinade, a powerful, spicy mix of Mexican ancho chillies, cumin, oregano and garlic creating plenty of heat while retaining savoury flavours to perfectly complement meats and vegetables used in Mexican dishes and accompaniments. The marinade takes just 10 minutes to prepare and gives chicken wings and pork belly strips a simple and strong flavour for consumers looking for a hot and spicy dish.

The second blend is a Sweet Chipotle and Lime burger seasoning. The medium heat is balanced with spice, tangy lime and subtle sweetness to pack a powerful Mexican punch in to traditional burger recipes.

The company noticed the increasing popularity of Mexican, Central American and Tex-Mex foods with the cuisine knocking Chinese food off the top spot as the UK’s favourite. Additionally, Mexican food on-the-go is also experiencing a surge in popularity, particularly among quick service, casual dining and takeaway burrito outlets offering fast, affordable and filling foods.

Christine Peers, sales director at EHL Ingredients comments: “Mexican food continues to be popular in the UK within the restaurant and casual dining sectors, in takeaway, in retail ready meals and kits as well as in at-home cooking. Sales of our existing Mexican blends are increasing as well as single spices and chillies of various strengths so we wanted to offer food manufacturers an extra hot blend as well as burger seasoning to tap into consumer trends and demand.

“The Mexican food market is highly competitive within both the retail and foodservice sectors. We understand that manufacturers have to work hard to create successful products and innovate to maintain customer interest. We work with many leading companies to provide our natural herbs, spices and seasonings and can even work with product development teams to develop custom blends or organic varieties of any of our Mexican seasonings, depending on heat strength and taste requirements. We pride ourselves on offering unique spice blends and seasonings and our established Mexican varieties have proven popular and successful year on year.

“Our herbs, spices, marinades and seasonings are all sourced from reliable and approved Mexican suppliers, bringing authentic flavours to dishes and meals for foodservice outlets and supermarket shelves.

As British consumers’ hunger for spicy Mexican foods continues, food manufacturers and processors need to ensure their offering is as authentic, tasty and satisfying as possible, to ensure repeat purchase and customer loyalty. Provenance is key for EHL and it sources its ingredients from quality Mexican suppliers with full traceability.

EHL supplies Mexican chillies – red and green jalapeño, habanero and ancho – as well as blends of Fajita seasoning, burrito/taco seasoning, albondigas meatball seasoning, Cajun seasoning, Blackened Cajun seasoning, which have all shown a 20% increase in sales, compared with this time last year. The seasonings and marinades are sold to food manufacturers and processors, repackers, wholesalers, cash and carries, catering suppliers, foodservice operators, as well as multiple and independent retailers across the UK.

To find out more about EHL Ingredients email or call 0161 480 7902

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Posted: June 30, 2016 at 4:19 pm

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