Eight new organic blends from EHL Ingredients


EHL Ingredients, a leading importer, blender and packer of food ingredients from around the world, has launched eight new organic blends in time for Organic September – five seasonings and three stuffing mixes. The new herb and spice blends, inspired by flavours from the Americas, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Britain, are the first in a series of in-demand, organic additions to EHL’s popular range of seasonings and marinades.


The blends include Barbecue, Mediterranean style, Pepper, lemon and herb, Caribbean style, and spicy Mexican, which can be rubbed onto meat, sprinkled over vegetables, or added to burger mixes, coatings and breadcrumbs.


EHL has also created three new organic stuffing blends: Onion and mixed herb, Garlic, tomato and herb, and Sultana, lemon and mixed spice. The stuffing mixes add flavour and texture to traditional roast dinners and Mediterranean style dishes.


The blends are ideal for food manufacturers and meat processors to add to Mediterranean, Caribbean, American and Mexican style dishes, including soups, stews, tagines, chilli and curry dishes, BBQ foods and British roast dinners, as well as for vegetarian and vegan starters and main meals, or as additions to meat dishes.


Food manufacturers and processors looking to create quality organic dishes, which are also allergen-free, for supermarket shelves or foodservice outlets should start stocking up on these versatile new blends in time for Organic September.


According to The Soil Association, UK sales of organic products increased by four per cent last year and shoppers spent an extra £1.4 million a week on organic products, year on year. The research also revealed that retailers have indicated that shoppers are becoming more and more health conscious, and organic products offer answers to questions about food quality and provenance[1].


Tasneem Backhouse, sales director at EHL Ingredients, says: “Our conventional ingredient blends are performing well since their launch last year and, following customer demand and several months of research and development, we are now able to offer a selection of these popular organic herb and spice blends and mixes.


“We’re aiming for our organic blends to provide inspiration for food manufacturers to create end products to meet market trends and consumer demand for quality, international organic dishes, especially in the run up to Organic September.


“We’re delighted with the continued growth of our organic ingredients and products and we put our success in the organic arena down to several key factors – health benefits, an increase in consumer awareness, education on organic foods and healthier eating, and the consistent high quality of our products.


“It’s important for food manufacturers to stay one step ahead and use popular, quality organic products that consumers will love and buy time and again.


“With Organic September boosting awareness of the benefits and availability of organic foods, and with The Soil Association predicting more opportunities for future growth, we look forward to strengthening our position in this burgeoning marketplace and we would expect to see a further five per cent increase in sales of our organic ingredients during the remainder of 2015.”


All blends are formulated on-site in EHL’s new product development kitchen using high quality organic ingredients from trusted suppliers around the globe. These eight new additions take EHL’s blends range to 30 in total.


As well as the new organic blends, EHL stocks around 200 organic ingredients, including herbs and spices, beans, lentils and peas, herbs, nuts and dried fruits, seeds and flakes, grains and rice, oils, vinegars, salts, sugars and syrups, as well as other ingredients such as flour, honey and fruit concentrates.


It also offers bespoke organic herb and spice blends which can be sold as ready-made mixes or marinades. Its products are available to food manufacturers and meat processors, wholesalers and cash and carries, co-packers, multiple retailers, health food stores and large co-operatives.


To ensure that all EHL’s ingredients are 100 per cent organic, it carries out a rigorous auditing process for all of its suppliers. Additionally, at its headquarters in Stockport, Cheshire, it follows strict hygiene procedures to ensure that there is no cross-contamination, providing the very best in quality for its customers.

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EHL Ingredients’ recipe for success

EHL Ingredients, Reddish, has achieved year-end sales of £5.8 million, aiming to reach £6 million by the end of 2016, marking the strongest sales figures ever for the food ingredients supplier with further growth, expansion and recruitment planned.

The last 12 months have seen some landmark developments from EHL Ingredients including the purchase of an additional 6,000 square metre warehouse facility on the Broadstone Industrial Estate, the investment in a new, larger blending machine, the recruitment of a new product development manager and a technical sales executive, as well as the launch of 22 new blends and a range of ingredients for horse feed.

EHL also witnessed a notable increase in demand for hotter and spicier food ingredients, including its conventional and organic dried Mexican chillies and coconut, among its target audience of food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

The company is planning further growth and expansion and is on a recruitment drive looking for sales executives.

Sales and Marketing Director, Tasneem Backhouse, says:

“We are delighted with our end of year sales figures and we’re now aiming to achieve £6 million by the end of 2016. Our new ingredient blends have had very positive feedback so far and we will be continuing to push this side of the business, especially over the summer BBQ season and in the run up to Christmas.

“We’re also finding that our customers are requesting larger quantities of our food ingredients and the new warehouse, new machinery and taking on of new staff allows us to efficiently deal with these bigger orders.

“We predict our areas of growth for the rest of 2015 to be within the new blends, free-from and organic as well as hotter food ingredients, to meet demand for spicier dishes. Ingredients for horse and pet feed is also an area we will concentrate on this year, as there is an opening in the market for organic herbs such as mint, garlic, fennel and turmeric for racehorses, thoroughbreds as well as food ingredients for household pet food.

“We put our success down to several key factors; our responsiveness to customer demand and consumer trends, a strong sales team, quality organic and conventional products, our new product development team, a reliable service and our positive profile in the food industry press. We are confident about our progress as a business and have consolidated our position in this highly competitive market place.”

EHL currently employs 28 staff and is recruiting for several roles including sales executives.

The company supplies around 300 food ingredients and boasts a 200-strong organic range as well as over 70 custom blends. EHL Ingredients’ products are sold into the food manufacturing, wholesale, retail and catering sectors and used in end products, such as breads and bakery items, ready meals, healthy snacks and soups and sauces. They are also sold to speciality food shops, delis and organic retailers across the UK.

The company was awarded its fourth grade A BRC certification once again in December last year. This gives EHL’s customers the reassurance of the company’s quality and safety management processes and opens up new growth opportunities for the business.

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